Jazz SDK (English)

Jazz SDK is a set of frameworks for OOP development in Object Pascal – Delphi and Free Pascal

  • VTF – Value Type Framework
  • OPF – Object Persistent Framework
  • MVP – Model View Presenter Framework



  • 27Jan2009

I’m starting 3 new projects with Jazz SDK, but before I’ll refactory the framework, probably all packages will be changed.

Some classes will have the name changed, no big deal, I just want to standardize to use common names, and when possible known names from others frameworks.

The changes is in progress, JazzVTF.JazzClasses.pas got the next changes:

  • ICustomObject/TCustomObject -> ICommonObject/TCommonObject
  • INamedInterfaceList/TNamedInterfaceList -> ICommonList/TCommonList

Mostly of this classes is only used internally, so your code should not be affected, but some others changes can affect, and I hope in a good way :)

I expect to use the .NET class model for some parts like Value Types, so we can use the existing MSDN documentation, like this:

JazzNotify will be changed, it was not well planned, and needs to be improved to better performance;

The OPF will gain performance, the trick is use better the database framework, avoiding the use of DataSets when load/save data, I already achieve this with DBX4.

ORM and relationship will be reviewed, the aim is make easy to use.  A JSON mechanism should be implemented soon.

Complete the MVP implementation, new components to help attach UI Componentes to Objects, the .NET Data Binding model should help to inspire the design.

A new wizards and IDE expert is in the plan, but not a promise, at least a stantalone application to generate classes and mapping should be done.

The mapping can be a XML data, embedded as resource into application, and can be replaced/updated in run time. Also in the same model, object metadata can be defined.

This is all for now, any changes will be posted here.